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Canna Substra 1L Value Pack
$124.95 (CDN) ea.
$93.71 (USD)
Reg. $140.95 (CDN)
The Substra line by Canna is perfect for run to waste feeding systems where you're watering plants growing in an inert medium, like rockwool, clay pellets, or a mix like Sunshine or Pro-Mix.

Canna Substra is designed to leave no residue, and to be VERY readily available for uptake by the roots.
Our value pack comes with a 1L of Canna Start, specially formulated for new seedlings or clones' needs, a 1L bottle of Cannazym to be used from start to finish as a nutrient uptake accelerator, and a 250mL bottle of pk 13/14 to boost phosphorus and potassium availability during the flowering stage.

Canna Substra A+B Vega, A+B Flores, Canna Start, Cannazym, and pk 13/14 all in one pack!
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