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The Gavita Pro 300 LEP (Light Emitting Plasma)
$909.95 (CDN) ea.
$682.46 (USD)
Reg. $949.95 (CDN)
Superior Light Quality!
Massive Energy Savings per Watt!
Extremely low heat radiation!
10x the Lifespan of tradional HIDs!

No accessories necessary: no cooling equipment, ballast or reflectors needed.
There are no moving parts in the fully sealed housing, improving the reliability.
Long Lifespan: 50,000+ hrs
Robust growth: grow 2x the yield of HID per watt.
Easily SWITCH from 0.5W to 1.0W to 3.0W power settings, good for adjusting on the fly.

With a tested PAR output matching that of a 600W HPS, while still achieving up to 65% energy savings in comparison, and it can be MUCH closer to the plants without risk of burning!
It's light source, the LUXIM STA 41.02 LiFi module, will last 8-10 times longer than HID lights, at a fraction of the power consumption, meaning the SAVINGS will be IMMENSE over its lifetime.

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