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Blackstar 500 Watt Veg Spectrum LED fixture
$829.95 (CDN) ea.
$622.46 (USD)
Reg. $929.95 (CDN)
This power packed 500W HO (High Output) unit covers 12 square feet (3'x4').

168 individual 3W LED diodes in a light this size is extremely effective for vegetative growth. 6 bands (unique color wave lengths) of light are used to optimize the light that clones and vegetative plants require.

Lighthouse Hydro has formulated this light to maximize the color spectrum needed for vegetative growth.

A lean mean growing machine, dialed in to the spectrum your plants need so its very energy efficient. Cool running, great for a 4 x 4 tent set-up.

Size: 19.75" x 12.25"
Rated Hours: 50,000
Red: 630, 660nm
Infrared: 730nm
Ultraviolet: 380nm
White: 6000k, 12000k
Worldwide Voltage: 90v-240v
Modular Power Cord (Available in US, UK, EU, AU)
Warranty: 1 Year All Inclusive
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